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Frequently Asked Questions


What is the relationship between National Grid and Franklin Energy?

Franklin Energy is the designated vendor responsible for delivering the Savings Your Way program services according to the contractual agreement with National Grid. Under this agreement, Franklin Energy is obligated to safeguard customer data and uphold customer satisfaction in accordance with National Grid standards.

How do I know if I qualify for a no-cost home energy assessment?

You qualify if: 

  • Are a National Grid Firm gas heating customer
  • Live in a 1–4-unit residence
  • Live in an Individually metered building with five or more units
What if I rent my home?

Rental properties do qualify. Please make sure we have access to attics and basement areas. This may require your landlord to be available during our appointment.

What is the difference between an in-person and virtual home energy assessment?

During an in-person home energy assessment, you will guide one of our energy specialists throughout your home for a more hands-on experience, and they can install the complimentary products while they’re there. A virtual home energy assessment is done with an energy expert through a video call on a mobile device. Whichever option you are more comfortable with and choose to participate in, the energy savings and complimentary products remain the same

What happens during my home energy assessment?

A trained specialist from Franklin Energy will conduct an energy analysis on your home to provide individualized recommendations on saving energy while providing you with complimentary energy-efficient products.

What no-cost products will I receive?

Our complimentary Energy Efficiency Starter package includes faucet aerators, showerheads, insulating hot water pipe wrap and thermostatic shut-off valves. If you prefer, our energy specialists are equipped to install the items to help you start saving energy right away.

Will I have to pay?

No, there is no charge or additional fees associated with the assessment or complimentary products.

Customer Preparation

Do I have to be home for my energy assessment?

Yes, somebody over the age of 18 must be present for an in-person or virtual home energy assessment.

How do I prepare for an In-Person Home Energy Assessment?
  • Make sure an individual over the age of 18 is present.
  • Before your assessment, ensure that you have access to the rooms where your heating and water heating equipment are located.
  • Remove tripping hazards or obstructions from your walking pathway.
How do I prepare for a virtual home energy assessment?
  • Before your assessment, ensure that you have access to the rooms that your heating and water heating equipment are located.
  • Make sure your smartphone or tablet has a working camera, is fully charged, and is connected to Wi-Fi.
  • Ensure your device has one of the following browsers to use our video-sharing software: Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer 11 (Edge) or Opera.

The Assessment / What to Expect

What can I expect from an In-Person energy assessment?

After choosing a date and time that works for you, a trained energy specialist will:

  • Walk-through your home to analyze your energy usage.
  • Generate a customized report of your energy saving opportunities.
  • Install energy-efficient faucet aerators, showerheads and insulating pipe wrap.
  • Provide an assessment report detailing your estimated savings and information about additional programs, rebates, and saving opportunities.
What can I expect from a Virtual Home Energy Assessment?

During your virtual assessment:

  • Your Surfly link will be emailed to you right before your assessment begins. Please look for an email from with a subject of "You've been invited to join a co-browsing session."
  • Once you access the link, click "Join Session." When a pop-up box appears with "Join the video chat," select "Auto Detect" for both camera and microphone, then click "Join."
  • Using the video-sharing software, your energy advisor will guide you through your home to view and assess opportunities for no-cost energy-saving products.
  • After the walk-through of your home, your energy advisor will review your personalized assessment report which will detail your estimated annual savings if all the products you receive are installed. The report will also provide information on additional recommendations. Your final report will be emailed after the assessment has been completed.

After your virtual assessment:

  • We follow a contactless delivery process. Your NO-COST products will be delivered to your home. You may discuss any delivery specifications with your energy advisor. After the delivery, we will make a follow-up call to help you install the products.
What are the benefits of a Home Energy Assessment?

Customers who participate in the Savings Your Way home energy assessment and install all the recommended products* can become more energy efficient and save on their energy bills. You'll also learn about additional ways to save energy in your home, including available equipment rebates from National Grid. If you complete a virtual assessment, you will receive $25 gift card after completing a validation survey. You can also receive a $15 gift card for referrals who complete an assessment.


*Products are subject to eligibility requirements. Offers are subject to change.

How long does the Energy Assessment take?

An in-person or virtual home assessment typically lasts 30-45 minutes, depending on the size of your home and areas to be assessed.

What is the assessment report?

A personalized report is emailed after your assessment is completed. It includes details on your estimated savings and provides recommendations on additional ways you can save energy throughout your home, as suggested by your energy advisor.

What if I need to reschedule?

National Grid customers must call (833) 427-SAVE (7283) or email us to reschedule an appointment at


How will I receive my complimentary products?

In-person assessment – Your energy specialist will be equipped with the complimentary products to either install on-site or leave them with you.


Virtual home energy assessment – A contactless delivery of your complementary products will be sent to your home within 3-7 days of completing the assessment, without the need for a signature.


What is Surfly?

Surfly is a video-sharing software that is an easy way to share a web session with customers. There is no software to download, simply click on the link that is sent to you via email and you're ready to start using Surfly.


Surfly works with most modern browsers such as Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer 11 (Edge) and Opera.

When will I receive the link from Surfly, the video-sharing software?

The Surfly link will be emailed to you right before your assessment begins. Please look for an email from with a subject of "You've been invited to join a co-browsing session." Click "Join Session." When a pop-up appears with "Join the video chat," select "Auto Detect" for both camera and microphone then click "Join."

What technology best supports the virtual home assessment?

For the best experience, we recommend you use a smartphone with video capabilities. You can also use a tablet with video capabilities. Make sure you have Wi-Fi or network connectivity to your mobile device. Devices with an unlimited network data plan may be used to avoid connectivity issues. Prior to your assessment, please note any Wi-Fi or network connectivity dead spots around your home, including the basement and outside. Make sure your mobile device is fully charged and you close any apps you have open prior to the assessment. Restarting your device prior to the assessment is recommended. Surfly works with most modern browsers such as Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer 11 (Edge) and Opera. Prior to your assessment, please ensure your device has one of these browsers. Please note that headphone microphones may not be compatible with the Surfly tool.


What water-saving products are available?

WaterSense certified showerheads and bathroom faucet aerators are available at NO COST through the assessment. These water-saving products listed below help reduce water use and the energy needed to heat that water: 

  • Existing bathroom aerators (must be higher than 1.0GPM)
  • During the assessment, your energy advisor will look at your showerhead(s), and bathroom aerators(s) to determine if you qualify.
What water heater insulation products are available?

The assessment offers up to six feet of free pipe insulation for the hot water pipes on your domestic water heater. To qualify for free pipe insulation, your hot water heater must have existing pipe that is bare and free of existing insulation. For customers with recirculation pumps and hot water boilers, you may qualify for more than six feet of free pipe insulation. Your energy advisor will determine if you qualify.

Where can I find help installing my products?

For installation assistance, please contact the program at (833) 427-7282 (GAS SAVE).

What if I have questions about my products?

National Grid customers can call (833) 427-SAVE (7283) for questions.

Additional Questions?

Contact one of our Energy Efficiency Assessment Representatives by phone at (833) 427-SAVE (7283) or email at